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It has been said that the most effective way to change a community is to put people to work. However, in “high need” communities it’s no simple undertaking. In a community where many large corporations have determined “that’s not our demographic,” (a declaration not to invest in this community) we believe an effective economic development strategy must include four major components;

A) Community Outreach

B) Capacity Building Collaboration

C) Entrepreneurial Development/ Business Incubator

D) Workforce Development.

Impact SoCal will engage the community by providing an innovative and unique business-training program that specifically focuses on the attitudes and preparation of those who want to be self-employed or build a business. The program provides these individuals with the inspiration, organizational framework, and technical assistance required to become self-employed and/or build sustainable businesses.


Meet economic goals and develop skills in business, finance, and technology

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Cultivate participants’ mindset for entrepreneurial growth, business stability, SBA loan readiness, and community leadership


Stimulate and participate in new job growth in South Los Angeles


Facilitate and build networks of community partners